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The Catcher Was A Spy (R)

In the midst of World War II, major league catcher Moe Berg (Paul Rudd) is drafted to join a new team: the Office of Security Services (the precursor to the CIA). No ordinary ballplayer, the erudite, Jewish Ivy League graduate speaks nine languages and is a regular guest on a popular TV quiz show. Despite his celebrity, Berg is an enigma - a closeted gay man with a knack for keeping secrets. The novice spy is quickly trained and sent into the field to stop German scientist Werner Heisenberg before he can build an atomic bomb for the Nazis.


Drama , War
1 hr. 38 min.
Opened June 22, 2018


Ben Lewin


Nicholas Dawidoff
Robert Rodat


Connie Nielsen
Sienna Miller
Paul Rudd
Mark Strong
Guy Pearce
Jeff Daniels
Paul Giamatti


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